A student and professor sit and talk during an advising session, surrounded by books



我们希望你们在365app手机版下载取得成功. You will have the academic resources and personal attention to help you discover your intellectual passions and to grow as a scholar. 的re is no limit to the ideas you might explore — and the people, opportunities and support networks are here to help you flourish.

Princeton is distinguished by its close student-教师 eng年龄ment, where 教师 members often 作为导师 to students as they progress in their studies. 的 University is committed to fostering intellectual growth every step along the path, 从入学到毕业典礼, 具有深远的支持结构.

学院院长办公室 (ODOC) is home base for all aspects of the undergraduate academic experience. 的 研究生院 supports its students' success and collaborates closely with academic departments. All students are encour年龄d to take advant年龄 of the many advising and tutoring options throughout their time at Princeton.



学院院长办公室 oversees the undergraduate curriculum and has a simple mess年龄: Study what you love, take advant年龄 of the opportunities around you and find help when you need it. 学生 are assigned to 教师 advisers who assist with course selection and other academic matters.


It's home — and a place of learning: Academic advising for first-years and sophomores is centered in the residential colleges. Each college has a 教师 head supported by deans and directors of studies. Undergraduates are encour年龄d to explore their academic interests and goals with staff in the residential colleges. Fellow students also are extremely important for academic questions — the residential colleges have undergraduate peer advisers who offer perspectives on the academic experience, 住宿学院的顾问, 谁是大三和大四的学生, 作为导师. 的 colleges also have study areas, even libraries, where students can pursue their work. Study breaks at especially busy times can be a fun way to blow off steam with peers.


Princeton is committed to the academic success of all its students. Programs and resources are continually being enhanced to meet the specific needs of our students, 他们来自各种各样的背景.

例如, 学者研究所研究员计划 (SIFP) empowers students from first-generation and low-income backgrounds through mentorship, 学术丰富和支持网络的教师, 教职员工和学生. 学生 form an eng年龄d community and build on each others' strengths throughout their time at Princeton.

新生学者研究所 is a seven-week academic program for select incoming students that immerses them in campus life through academic, 课外和课外项目.

播放视频: 新生学者协会瓶子火箭发射

在这个视频中, 工程基础课程的学生,安德鲁·霍克教授, 电子工程副教授, launch the bottle rockets they created in the lab over four weeks — a hands-on design and engineering experience that included integrating physics and math skills to build individual circuit boards to track the flight and measure the acceleration of their rocket.



Princeton's graduate students are a community of scholars who enjoy a high level of eng年龄ment with 教师 members. Your academic department and 教师 adviser are your first point of contact for information and support. Further support is available through the 研究生院's 学生生活的团队, as well as various campus programs for advising and skills development.


A professor stands and teaches a class at the McGraw Center


获得一些技巧,学习一些新的东西:在 麦格劳教学中心, students can learn strategies to master large reading assignments, 采取有效的笔记, 研究有效地, 准备考试和使用数字媒体. You can also get support for specific courses, including individual tutoring and technology training.


写作中心 365app手机版下载作家免费, one-on-one conferences with experienced fellow writers trained to respond to assignments in any discipline.  Fellows at the center offer help to undergraduates and graduate students on writing for various projects and even oral presentations, and to international students adjusting to American academic writing.