From campus laboratories to biodiversity research in the Kenyan savannah to Antarctic edge-of-space balloon launches (seen at left), Princeton’s students and scholars are involved in inquiries across the scientific spectrum.


  • 应用与计算数学

    The undergraduate certificate is designed for students who are looking to broaden their mathematical and computational skills and to give mathematically oriented students the opportunity to discover the challenges presented by applications from the natural sciences 和工程.

    在研究生阶段, the program offers a select group of highly qualified students the opportunity to obtain a thorough knowledge of branches of 数学 indispensable to science 和工程 applications, 包括数值分析和其他计算方法.

  • 天体物理科学

    这个系涵盖了天体物理学的所有主要领域——从行星, 黑洞, 星星, 星系, 类星体, 暗物质, 暗能量, and the evolution of the universe from the Big Bang to today -- and plasma 物理. 该部门相对较小的规模提供了一种非正式的, 灵活的, 还有对学生友好的环境. 在部门的庇护下, an extensive program of graduate research is also conducted at the renowned Princeton 等离子体物理 Laboratory (PPPL).

  • 大气与海洋科学

    The program emphasizes theoretical studies and numerical model studies of the global climate system. 它提供了Ph值.D. students opportunities for research and courses in a wide range of disciplines including geophysical fluid dynamics, 大气物理学, 大气化学, 陆地和海洋的生物地球化学, 大气建模, 海洋建模, 气候动力学, 全球气候变化与古气候. 学生 may benefit from the research capabilities of the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory.

  • 生物物理学

    The 项目生物物理学 is designed for undergraduate students who want to bring the intellectual traditions of 物理 to bear on the phenomena of life. Study ranges from the dynamics of single molecules to the networks of neurons responsible for 感知 and memory, from collective 行为 in groups of organisms to the mechanics of single cells, 从基因调控网络中的信息流到进化.

  • 化学

    The 化学系 offers undergraduates a 灵活的 program suitable for attending graduate or medical school, as well as for those intending to pursue a career in secondary school teaching. A 化学 concentration is appropriate for anyone who desires a broad background of undergraduate training in science.

    研究生课程是至关重要的, expanding hub of scientific inquiry with deep historic roots and a ready grasp on the future. 位于世界一流的弗里克化学实验室, 教师 and students work at the frontiers of science where the lines between 化学 and other disciplines merge.

  • 认知科学

    认知科学是研究大脑如何工作的科学, 利用心理学的研究, 哲学, 语言学, 神经科学, 和计算机科学. The interdisciplinary character of cognitive science reflects different levels of analysis of mental phenomena and their employment of a variety of methodologies appropriate to each level.

  • 计算与信息科学

    The graduate certificate in computational and information science offers students comprehensive training in numerical analysis, 软件工程, 计算机科学, and statistics and data modeling in ways that promote discovery in 科学, 工程, 和人文.

  • 生态学和进化生物学

    The undergraduate program emphasizes study from an evolutionary perspective, combining theory and empiricism and linking areas that are often treated as separate disciplines. 学生 with an interest in whole-organism and large-scale processes -- evolution, 生理学, 疾病, 行为, 神经科学, 生态, 生态系统生物学, 保护, and climate change -- will find a home in 生态学和进化生物学.

    研究生课程的优势领域包括进化生态学, 行为生态学, 理论生态学, 人口, 社区, 和生态系统生态学, 生态与进化遗传学, 分子进化, 传染病流行病学, 和保护生物学. Graduate students also have excellent opportunities for combining several areas for innovative interdisciplinary work.

  • 环境研究

    本科课程涉及科学, 政治, humanistic and technological dimensions of environmental challenges facing the world today. 学生 majoring in any discipline may pursue either a generalist track or a specialist track that explores biodiversity and 保护, 气候和能源, 地球系统, 环境政策或环境与水. The graduate program broadens the educational perspective of doctoral students by exploring policy aspects of their environmental research.

  • 地球科学

    The intellectual excitement of modern geosciences is fueled by our exploration of the dynamic forces and delicate balances that mold our planet and have rendered it conducive to life for much of its history. The diversity of processes that characterize the Earth as a whole requires geosciences to be an extraordinarily interdisciplinary field with direct connections to 数学, 物理, 化学, 生物与计算机科学.

    The graduate program encompasses a rich diversity of scientific expertise and initiatives, ranging from the measurement and modeling of global climatic change to high-pressure mineral 物理, and from seismic tomographic imaging of the mantle to biogeo化学 and isotope geo化学 of the Earth and oceans.

  • 语言学

    语言学 is the study of the distinctive properties of human 语言 and the cognitive capacities of 语言 users, including the rules that govern the patterns of particular 语言s and universal principles governing all 语言s. Linguists investigate the grammatical principles and processes that determine the structure of human 语言s, 它们随着时间的推移而演变, 以及他们的心理基础.

  • 材料科学与工程

    The undergraduate program emphasizes the multidisciplinary nature of the study of materials and the 工程 application of their properties. It is designed primarily for students in science 和工程 departments who are considering careers in materials.

  • 数学


  • 分子生物学

    该大学本科课程提供分子研究课程, 细胞, 和发展过程. The graduate program fosters the intellectual development of modern biologists. 研究生米.D./Ph.D is done in partnership with Robert Wood Johnson Medical School (RWJMS) and the Rutgers University (New Brunswick) Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences.

  • 神经科学

    The undergraduate concentration offers the opportunity for the serious study of molecular, 细胞, developmental 和系统神经科学 as it interfaces with cognitive and 行为al research. The undergraduate certificate is geared toward students in other departments who are interested in an interdisciplinary study of the brain.

    这个研究生项目训练研究人员回答基本问题, unanswered questions of how the millions of individual neurons work together to give rise to 行为 at the level of a whole organism. 学生将学习最新的神经科学技术和方法, and train in how to think and develop new techniques and approaches to cracking the puzzle of the brain.

    想要在他们的博士论文中加入神经科学成分的研究生.D. work in another discipline may apply to participate in the Joint 研究生学位 在神经科学.



  • 物理

    The undergraduate program offers the flexibility to accommodate students with a range of interests, 让他们在系外选修了相当多的课程. 学生 preparing for graduate school can choose from a variety of advanced-level courses.

    研究生学习主要集中在研究上, 理论研究和实验研究并重. The department has strong and growing groups in experimental condensed matter 物理 and 生物物理学 in addition to traditional strengths in theoretical and experimental elementary particle 物理, 理论和实验重力和宇宙学, 实验原子核和原子物理学, 数学物理, 理论凝聚态物理.

  • 行星和生命

    The undergraduate program equips students with skills to assume leadership roles in discovering the origins of terrestrial and extraterrestrial life through an understanding of astrophysical, 化学, 生物学和地质学原理, 和工程.

  • 等离子体物理

    等离子体, 物质的第四状态, are collections of freely moving charged particles in which collective phenomena, 如波, 控制系统的行为. The purpose of this program is to provide strong interdisciplinary support and training for graduate students. 研究范围包括等离子体的基础研究, 它们与表面和环境的相互作用, 以及与应用相关的技术.

  • 心理学

    The undergraduate program provides a rigorous understanding of human 行为 and mental processes through foundational and advanced courses on sensation, 感知, 运动, 语言, 推理, 决策, 社会互动和大脑的计算模型. 心理学的集中也为神经科学提供了基础, 因为心理过程和行为是由大脑产生的.

    The graduate program emphasizes preparation for research and teaching in psychology, 认知神经科学专业, 发展心理学, 语言, 学习和记忆, 知觉和认知, 不平等的心理学, 社会神经科学, 社会心理学, 和系统神经科学. 

  • 定量与计算生物学

    The undergraduate program is designed for students with a strong interest in multidisciplinary and systems-level approaches to understanding molecular, 细胞和组织行为. The curriculum introduces students to experimental and analytic techniques for acquisition of large-scale quantitative observations, and the interpretation of such data in the context of appropriate models.

    研究生课程促进了生物界面的教育, 更定量的科学和计算. 该计划涵盖了基因组学领域, 计算生物学, 系统生物学, 生物物理学, 数量遗传学, 分子进化和微生物相互作用.

  • 科学、技术与环境政策

    这个研究生课程发展了对当前科学的深刻理解, 技术和环境问题以及潜在的本地问题, national and international policy responses through a systematic introduction to the field of policy analysis. The Program provides interdisciplinary training that facilitates communication between technical experts and policy makers. 

  • 统计学与机器学习

    The undergraduate program is designed for students who have a strong interest in data analysis and its application across disciplines. Statistics and machine learning -- the academic disciplines centered around developing and understanding data analysis tools -- play an essential role in various scientific fields including biology, 工程和社会科学.

  • 可持续能源

    The undergraduate program is designed to broaden understanding in energy resources and their impact on the environment. 学生学习定量分析, design and develop systems that support sustainable economic growth and environmental harmony, and learn about environmental change from the perspective of 工程, 技术, 经济与政策.

  • 老师准备

    该课程结合了课程作业, 研讨会, 实验室经验, field work and practice teaching to become fully prepared and certified to teach successfully at the middle and secondary levels. 参加者可获得艺术认证, 英语, 数学, 音乐, 科学, 社会研究和世界语言. The program is approved by the New Jersey Department of Education and by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP).